May 31 - June 28th - Week of July 5th - July 26th - Experiential Learning Pathways Summer Camp. The most recent statistics indicate that 1 in 54 children in the United States are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum which is now the fastest growing disability in the country. While some may look at these statistics as ominous this course focuses on the opportunity for working with building relationships with and incorporating service for autism into numerous career fields and interests. This course is experiential in nature offering opportunity to incorporate individual interests and knowledge bases into service towards individuals with autism in a summer camp setting. The areas of interest are limitless: ranging from music recreation art history education social work human-animal studies technology and more. Included in this course are whole-group seminar meetings to provide an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as specific strategies for working with individuals on the spectrum. Time to meet with the instructor to discuss individual interests and how they may relate to working with persons on the spectrum will also be incorporated.