The Advanced Clinical Social Work Specialization (ACSWS) encourages students to learn the most effective theoretical approaches to clinical social work practice as well as to critically reflect on the therapeutic relationship and their role in supporting empowerment, resiliency, and transformation for those they serve. The ACSWS student concentrates their studies in one of eight ACSWS Focus Areas spanning clinical psychotherapy and/or direct clinical social work practice with theoretical awareness in a number of settings such as Mental Health Agencies, Family Service Agencies, Youth Programs, Community Based Clinical Agencies, Private Practice, and Religious Institutions such as Churches, to mention but a few. One core course with two related electives grounded within one of the eight specialization focus areas and an advanced clinical specific internship provide the student with the basic understanding of theoretically grounded clinical practice and its terminology, the complexities of building and maintaining effective therapeutic relationships, ethical and cultural considerations, and bridging individual clinical practice with social justice and advocacy, all of which are important considerations for today’s clinical professional. The MSW graduate with this specialization will be able to recognize the interpersonal complexities within clinical practice in order to work towards healing the individual as well as encouraging social reforms that support well-being for all populations.

Contact:         Bill Ressl, PhD, LCSW, Orchard Center 300, 630-947-8935, (preferred)

                        Email Dr. Ressl for ACSWS Moodle access in order to declare your ACSWS studies.