Moodle On-Campus

Getting Started

by Moodle Admin -

Moodle has been Upgraded

Notable changes:

The "My latest courses" drop down is no longer available.  A link to Course Search has taken its place. 
Searching for courses on Moodle is also available at the top of the front page after signing in.

For a more detailed list of your courses on Moodle, please head to Dashboard > Course Overview block.  Here, you can filter your courses based on whether a course is completed (past), in progress, or yet to start (future).  You can also 'star' or favorite courses on this list for easier sorting.

Attention Faculty - The option to "Turn editing on" has moved to the gear menu toward the top right of your course main page.

Please visit for documentation.

Please note faculty have the ability to hide their course from students while they make changes and prepare content.  If you think this may be the case while searching for your course, please contact your professor.

Documentation for Faculty:

 Note: Course shells will be created automatically from the information in WebAdvisior.

 If you're having trouble with Moodle, please contact Technical Support at 630-844-5790 or email