""As communicators of thoughts and emotions through music, specifically vocal music, it is essential that we be understood. The voice is unique among all other musical instruments in that it conveys text as well as musical sound. Therefore, we must not only master vocalization but also articulation. However, the study of diction goes beyond addressing the need for intelligibility and goes to the heart of each singer’s vocal technique. Ideally, one would study the language in which they wish to sing in addition to studying the diction of the language. Perhaps at some later time you may be able to do this!

What is involved with the study of lyric diction? Learning a phonetic system, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and learning a set of pronunciation rules that will help one master the sounds of the language. The demonstration of these skills will be demonstrated through homework assignments, classroom foreign language readings, as well as in classroom performances. Attendance may be required at live concerts, some of which may be off-campus and/or evenings with additional ticket charges. No prerequisites.